Real Estate law

Buying and selling property is a lengthy and complex process. We assist in simplifying the process and helping you complete the transaction efficiently. Our services include residential purchase/sale, commercial purchase/sale, Title Transfer and Mortgage Refinancing.

Buying and Selling Residential Property

Our Team is ready to provide expert legal services to represent you through each step of your real estate transaction. Having a lawyer from the beginning of purchasing or selling is beneficial as they will help guide you through each step of the transaction process from reviewing the documents up until the final closing of the deal.

Our team will assist with the following:

If you are a first-time buyer or selling your home, please contact VM Law to assist with your property transaction

Buying and Selling Commercial Property

Commercial property is more complex than buying and selling residential property. Often clients will have issues with building regulations, titles issues, financing issues and complications with existing rentals/leases.

Our team will assist with the following:

Looking to invest in the commercial property market, call VM Law today and we will guide you through the whole process.

Title Transfer

Property Ownership is important to any property transaction, a lawyer will help to transfer the title of ownership with ease. The ‘title’ is what provides a person with legal rights to a property, this can be the whole property or a portion.

There are various forms of title

In Ontario, title transfers can only be conducted by lawyer, this is required when purchasing a new home, adding parties to the title or transferring title to another person. Every title owner has legal rights to the property, these include the following;

Mortgage Refinancing

When buying a home, paying the mortgage may be very stressful for you. When your personal situation or the economy changes making your payments even more difficult to keep up with, you may want to
think about mortgage Refinancing. This involves taking out a new loan in order to help pay off current mortgage, to consolidate debt or to access your equity.

The key benefits to Refinancing your mortgage:

It is important to have a lawyer when refinancing your mortgage, for the following reasons;

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Rochelle Thomas

Vanessa is an excellent lawyer I highly recommend. I hired Vanessa Mistry for a criminal matter and she was extremely communicative, fair and her strong negotiation skills helped things go our way. If you’re looking for a lawyer who’s dedicated to fighting for you, I recommend calling her office.

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I had a family matter that I needed to be dealt with quickly. Vanessa was amazing, not only with her level of expertise about our matter but she was also very flexible about payment. Her no pressure approach helped keep us comfortable through this issue.

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Vanessa is extremely professional and knowledgeable about Ontario legal practises. Her personality makes you feel comfortable at all times. She is deeply committed to her practice and clients. It was an incredible experience working with her.