Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law

Buying and selling property is a lengthy and complex process. We assist in simplifying the process and helping you complete the transaction efficiently. Our services include residential purchase/sale, commercial purchase/sale, title transfer and mortgage refinancing.

Buying and Selling Residential Property

Title Transfer

Buying and Selling Commercial Property

Mortgage Refinancing

Criminal Law

At VM Law, we are focused on helping clients from start to finish on a variety of criminal offences, including but not limited to the below.

Violent Offences

Drug Offences

Property Offences

Firearm Offences

Driving Offences

Youth Offences


Leaving behind a last will and testament is very important as it allows you to decide what happens with your property and belongings upon your death. If you pass away without a will then the Ontario Succession Reform Act will dictate how the distribution is allocated.